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Qicksale is an E-Commerce platform, painstakingly developed for beginners and existing retail businesses, to help expand your business to a wide range of customers with lesser manual effort in tracking the sales, managing billing and inventory.


Covid-19 has forced shut down the physical stores, unfortunately resulting in decline by over 60% by the end of 2020. On the other side, lockdown has caused an E-Commerce boom with a drastic hike in online consumers. As per the latest studies, the worldwide retail E-Commerce sales would reach a new high by 2021. Here is when Qicksale is presenting you a hassle-free and ready to use platform to initiate your growth in e-Commerce with ease.


It’s super simple! Just subscribe Qicksale, get activated within hours to add your product catalog, and you are on!! We support customization requirements as well.

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Qicksale Help to Manage Everything for You

We’re focused on how our product is unique and these certain elements makes it unique, relevant and competitive.

  • Helps any small scale to large scale industries.
  • Easy product listings
  • Manage you own inventory
  • Helps to manage services of your store
  • Hassle free token booking option of your convenience
  • Manage all the sales and services
  • View all reports of shop like sales report, stock purchase report
  • Manage Coupons








We enable businesses to reach a wider customer base with our features of smart inventory management, barcode scanning, sales monitoring and easy billings.


Mobile Friendly

Mobile technology is taking center stage in today’s world. Whether it's used on a smartphone or tablet, Android or iPhone, you can be assured that your customers are getting the same great experience every time

  • Can monitor sales anywhere at any time
  • Efficiently define
  • Faster billing application
  • Barcode scanning

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We value our customers and appreciate hearing how we can improve and better support you in the future

Our Valuable Customers

We strive to provide exactly what our customers are looking for, hence we always innovate new ideas and methods to improve our quality of our services with clients. We are proud that our relationship with our clients spans years.